Dear 9th Grader

Dear 9th grader, Congratulations! You survived middle school and made it to high school. But wait, don’t rest just yet. This is where the real struggle is. Freshman year will give you an idea of what the rest of your high school years will look like. So if you fail or mess up Freshman year, … [Read more…]

My Mother’s Hands

Her hands are soft and loving. They wipe the ┬áriver of tears off of my face and pat my tangled head. Her hands are chefs. They burn and get cut while spending hours cooking the best meals. Her hands are stylists. They work quickly to wash, dry, and braid my nappy hair. Her hands are … [Read more…]

Rose Bush

Red Bush The red bush Blooms from the sleeping earth Like a small child stirring their mother awake. The red bush notifies the world of the tranquil, laughter filled spring days that are soon to come “Roses 2011!” by Elisa Self

The Secret Earth Killers

There are numerous products that we as humans use that severely hurt the earth. Things like plastics never break down and will forever be either in our oceans harming animals or be buried in our soil that will eventually leak into the ground water. One product that came out only a few years ago but … [Read more…]

My Family

I hate my family. They are the bane of my existence and I want them all to di- obviously I’m joking. As much as my family may bother me, they are my family and I love them. I come fro a really large family like I said in my about me. I have 3 brothers … [Read more…]

Trump’s America

America has had a long history of problems with racism, Islamophobia, and women’s rights. We’ve made huge strides in making America a more equal nation. However, this past election has showed that America isn’t fully ready to change. The winner of the presidential race and current president, Donald J Trump, has said and done things … [Read more…]

How To Comment

Commenting is a crucial part of blogging. However, many of us don’t really know how to comment properly. We just say things that aren’t important and irrelevant. Well here are some tips on how to write a proper comment. Don’t be broad and make sure your comment has something to do with the post Leave … [Read more…]

BMC Art Piece

I am everything yet nothing. I see many people look at me and just stand there confused. “There’s nothing there” they say. But I’m not nothing. I’m everything. How many paintings started out with me? That’s right, all of them. Take a moment to look at me. I mean really take a look at me. … [Read more…]


My favorite soundscape that we did was the cafe one. I don’t know why but I really like the sound of multiple people talking because it makes you aware of other people. My soundscape is probably the reason why I like chatter because I have so many people in my family and we’re always talking. … [Read more…]